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    BMW ConnectedDrive: FAQ.

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    Note: some of the services and functions described below may not be available for your vehicle. For further information, please contact BMW ConnectedDrive customer support.


    • What is BMW ConnectedDrive Store?
      BMW ConnectedDrive Store is an all-new e-commerce platform designed for BMW ConnectedDrive subscribers, brought by BMW and its partner China Unicom. Users can access the ConnectedDrive Store through iDrive system in their vehicles under the ConnectedDrive menu and at My BMW ConnectedDrive Internet portal. There, they can order and manage personalized ConnectedDrive services and Apps that could make their driving experience smarter and easier.
    • What services will be sold in BMW ConnectedDrive Store?
      You can order RTTI, BMW Concierge Service, and ConnectedDrive Service Premium Package online in BMW ConnectedDrive Store. These services are available in different durations: 3 months, 6 months, one year and three years.
    • Is there any limitation when purchasing services in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store?
      You can purchase several services at once in the ConnectedDrive Store. Please note that one service can be bought only once per order. If you purchase a service that you already have, this service will automatically be renewed when it expires, and the expiry date will be extended accordingly.
    • Why the product information displayed in my BMW ConnectedDrive Store is different from others’?
      BMW ConnectedDrive Store offers personalized services. There different available services will be displayed based on your car model and vehicle configuration.
    • How to login to “My BMW ConnectedDrive” ?
      If it is your first time logging in to “My BMW ConnectedDrive”: When your BMW ConnectedDrive Services was first activated, you would receive a text message on the registered mobile number, including a link to “My BMW ConnectedDrive” portal and a token to login. Please use this number as your username, and the token as password. After you have successfully logged in, you will be asked to choose a new password. You can then use this password and mobile number to log in to My BMW ConnectedDrive. If you have already changed your My ConnectedDrive password: To login, please use the mobile number that you used to register the ConnectedDrive Services as your username, and the password you have chosen.
    • How to log into BMW ConnectedDrive Store?
      You do not need to log in to your BMW ConnectedDrive Store in your vehicle. Purchase can be made in your vehicle directly through iDrive system. Services can also be bought in My BMW ConnectedDrive website. To log into your My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal, please use the mobile phone number provided for registering ConnectedDrive services at your dealer, as the user name and the token you received in an SMS after your ConnectedDrive services was activated. After the initial login, you will be asked to set up a new password. Then you can use the new password for your future login. Please be aware that you will also need this new password in order to log in to your BMW Remote App account.
    • Can I modify/cancel unpaid order?
      You can choose to cancel or modify unpaid orders anytime in your vehicle or in the My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal. Please be noted that if you cancel the order while the payment is still in progress, you will need to wait for 5 minutes until the “Cancelled” status is synchronized, before you can select product from vehicle and place order again.
    • Is there any time limit of payment for unpaid order?
      Please complete the payment for your order within 24 hours after initiating the purchasing process. After this time, the order will be cancelled.
    • What should I do if I want to renew my ConnectedDrive service after its free period?
      For those ConnectedDrive subscribers who purchased their BMW before May 1st, 2015, they could firstly login to “My BMW ConnectedDrive” portal to extend the base packge for free. Other ConnectedDrive services could be purchased though BMW ConnectedDrive Store from your vehicle or from My BMW ConnectedDrive portal.
    • Can I renew booked ConnectedDrive service before it expires?
      Yes. By simply accessing the ConnectedDrive Store, you can renew the service package you have been using or purchase new ConnectedDrive services individually. The purchased service will be renewed automatically. You can check the current expiration date of the services that you ordered under “Booked Services” from the “Status” page of the My BMW ConnectedDrive Portal.
    • Can I choose to buy other ConnectedDrive services but not renew my booked services?
      Yes you can. You can renew the service package you have been using or purchase individual ConnectedDrive services through ConnectedDrive Store. The valid time of your service package will start within 24 hours after the payment is successful.
    • Is monthly instalment acceptable?
      Unfortunately, BMW ConnectedDrive Store currently does not support monthly instalment.
    • Can I ask for a purchasing invoice for the booked service? Which kind of invoice I can ask for? How can I get a Value-added Tax Invoice?
      When you purchase services in BMW ConnectedDrive Store, we could offer your invoices under Tele-Service Category, issued by China Unicom. We cannot offer Value-added Tax Invoice as of now.
    • How to set content information of invoice? If any other content could be displayed except “Communication Service Fee”?
      You can set the invoice content, mailing address and other information when you make payment on your mobile phone. Please note that we can only provide invoice under the “Tele-service Service Fee” category, issued by China Unicom.
    • Can I appoint a specific date as the start date of book service?
      All the services you purchased through BMW ConnectedDrive Store will be automatically activated within 24hrs after the payment. When you renew the services that you currently have, the “booked until” date will be updated automatically. Unfortunately users cannot set a designated service start date.
    • The validity period of BMW ConnectedDrive service is calculated on a natural day basis or a fixed period (e.g. 1 month = 30 days/1 Year=365days)?
      The valid time period for all the services available in BMW ConnectedDrive Store is calculated based on natural day. For example, when you purchase a 3-month Concierge Service on May 1st, 2015, this service will end on July 31st, 2015.
    • How to make payment for the services that have already been ordered?
      When you access BMW ConnectedDrive Store through a vehicle equipped with ConnectedDrive Service, and choose the service you would like to order, you will receive your purchase confirmation via mobile phone text sent by the BMW ConnectedDrive Store partner, China Unicom. You will choose the services that you would like to buy for your vehicle in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in your vehicle or in the My BMW ConnectedDrive portal. Those services will be put in a shopping cart that will be sent to our partner China Unicom. The purchasing process will continue at China Unicom’s web site, where you will be able to pay for the services in your shopping cart. Once the payment process is completed, the services will automatically appear in your car. The services that you have successfully purchased will appear under Service Status - Booked Services in the case of the My BMW ConnectedDrive Portal and under ConnectedDrive – ConnectedDrive Store – Booked Services in the case of the in-vehicle ConnectedDrive Store.
    • Which payment providers are currently available?
      AliPay, Tenpay.
    • How can I confirm that the payment I made was successful?
      1) If the online shopping was done in “My BMW ConnectedDrive”, you can check your shopping history though China Unicom “Self-serviced Payment Platform” webpage 2) If the online shopping was conduct in vehicle, customer is able to check his/her shopping history though the mobile China Unicom “Self-serviced Payment Platform” interface, by clicking on the same link in SMS sent by China Unicom when you make the payment. 3) You can call the BMW ConnectedDrive Store service hotline 10101018 (provided by China Unicom) to confirm your purchase information.
    • How is payment-process security guaranteed?
      BMW ConnectedDrive Store has enabled Https webpage encrypted feature. It uses Symantec 128 Bit SSL Certificate, a state-of-art encryption technology to protect sensitive data on website and data transfer on internal and external network, which gives you maximum data protection to ensure you have the safest shopping experience.
    • Does the payment have to be done only by the car owner?
      1 ) By default, the mobile phone number displayed before the shopping cart is forwarded to our partner China Unicom, is the number provided when signing the ConnectedDrive Agreement. You could also choose to complete the payment by forwarding the message to another person as user requested. 2) If you change the default number for another mobile phone number in the purchasing process, the purchase information message will be send directly to the designated number. Payment can be completed by clicking on the link.
    • When the payment confirmation cannot be displayed correctly due to connection issue or other problems, how do I make sure that the payment was successful?
      You can click on the payment link in the message you received when you order the product. You will be redirected to the page where you can check your order. Or you can always call the BMW ConnectedDrive Store Service Hotline 10101018 (provided by China Unicom) to confirm your payment status.
    • What should I do if the payment is unsuccessful?
      You can click on the payment link in the message you received when you ordered the product. You will be redirected to the page where you can check out your order, or call the BMW ConnectedDrive Store Service Hotline. If the payment has failed, the BMW ConnectedDrive Store service hotline 10101018 receptionist can resend you the payment message to your mobile phone. You can continue with the payment by clicking on the link.
    • Will I be able to change or cancel the service orders that have already been placed and paid to ConnectedDrive Store?
      You can contact the BMW ConnectedDrive Store Service Hotline 10101018 (powered by China Unicom) to terminate the services that has been successfully ordered. We cannot modify the services order with failed payment.
    • Can I check the services that I have already ordered in BMW ConnectedDrive Store?
      1) You can check the services you’ve successfully ordered through iDrive system in your vehicle under the ConnectedDrive – ConnectedDrive Store menu. 2) If you placed your order in your vehicle, you can click on the payment link in the message you received when you order the product. You will reach China Unicom “Self-serviced Payment Platform” to check your order history.
    • When can I use the services I booked after the payment is successful?
      The service you subscribed will be activated automatically within 24 hours after the payment success.
    • How to activate the services that are successfully ordered and paid for in BMW ConnectedDrive Store?
      The service you subscribed will be activated automatically within 24 hours after successful payment.
    • Can the service that I booked be transferred to other person or another vehicle? Assuming the service is still valid within the service period.
      Under the circumstance of vehicle ownership change (for example, when second-hand car deal takes place), you will need to change the service owner information for the subscribed and valid services that you have purchased in BMW ConnectedDrive Store. You can submit the change request by calling BMW Customer Care Center 400-800-6666. Please note that we cannot transfer services from vehicle A to vehicle B, when such services are still valid.
    • Why does the service that I had successfully bought and paid for in ConnectedDrive Store cannot be used?
      Please contact the BMW Customer Care Hotline 400-800-6666 for help.
    • Can I terminate or cancel the service that I ordered?
      If you need to cancel or terminate a service that you have already paid for, you can contact the BMW ConnectedDrive Store Service Hotline 10101018 (provided by China Unicom) to submit a terminate request. Our service representative can terminate the services after verification process. You can check the termination result from your vehicle 24 hours after the services is terminated. But please note that you can still view the purchase record on the China Unicom “Self-serviced Payment Platform” (jointly developed by BMW and China Unicom).
    • Can I ask for refund for the product that I have bought?
      If you need us to refund the services that you have paid for, you can contact BMW ConnectedDrive Service Hotline 10101018 to submit a refund request. Our service representative will refund you after verification process. When you request a refund, please provide the order number, VIN number and mobile phone number so that we can confirm your purchase record.
    • Can I get full refund if I return the service?
      A BMW ConnectedDrive Store one-time Service Fee (services activation and test fee) is included in the total price. This service fee is non-refundable in case of service return or refund. That is, when you request for a refund within 7 days after purchase, we will refund you the amount that exclude the Service Activation and Test Fee; when refunding later than 7 days, a charge based on the actual usage will also be deducted from the refunded amount.
    • How long does the refund process take?
      When your refund request has been verified, you will receive your refund after 25 working days in the account that you have made the payment with.
    • What if I don’t want the refund in the original account and ask to be refunded to another account?
      After the BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Service representative has verified your information, we will be able to refund you to another account that is registered under the same name that you provided.
    • How can I reset the password of my BMW ConnectedDrive personal account?
      You can change your password in the My BMW ConnectedDrive portal by clicking on “Forgotten password”.
    • Can I change the user name of my personal BMW ConnectedDrive account?
      You can reset the user name of your personal BMW ConnectedDrive account in “My BMW ConnectedDrive” setting page. After the new mobile phone number/e-mail address is confirmed and set as the new user name, a message will be sent to the mobile phone/e-mail address. Please follow the steps in the message/email you receive to complete the change.
    • What if I do not receive the confirmation message of password/user name change?
      Please contact the BMW Customer Care Center 400-800-6666.